Odes is a continuing documentation of Ted Milton’s musical collaborations outside of his band Blurt. Initially conceived as a limited edition book and CD featuring tracks by Ted and The BTN Orchestra, Steve Beresford, Sam Britton, Andreas Gerth, Loopspool, Herman Martin, Paddy Steers, Yam Yam and Seymour Milton, the release documents explorations that push both parties into unexpected new territories.

Since its release, the music on Odes has been translated and re-interpreted by Ted Milton and Sam Britton into a live show, adding unexpected performative twists to the existing material and new settings for Milton’s poetry and saxophone. The result is a vital, energetic vehicle that pushes the collaborative expeditions ever further, simultaneously adding new work along the way.

Odes has toured extensively in Europe and was featured amongst other festival appearances as part of Patti Smith’s "Soirées Nomades" at the Fondation Cartier.

Live Recording


A Limited Edition of 250 signed and numbered handmade books containing the lyrics, a 13 track CD and a 7" single was released through the Nadine imprint.